Tour guide's Unexpected Holiday

Coronavirus Outbreak harms the tourism industry Worldwide, and we - Footprint Travel is not an exception. All members of our team have to work at home to prevent the epidemic from the outbreak in society, and this situation brought our tour guide an unexpected holiday.

Dan Nguyen – one of the best tour guides in Footprint Travel- has spent more than 20 years leading thousands of travelers to touch their essential travel spirit when they visit Vietnam and Indochina. He is specializing in adventure tours including cycling, trekking, and motorcycling derived from his detail-oriented and ability to possess a high energy level and enthusiasm. He conquers off the beaten tracks by his passionate about traveling and makes the places so unique and special to his travelers.

The first time in 20-years leading people to discover many amazing places, the epidemic postpones all his adventures, and he has to stay at home for months.

The best part of this situation is that Dan Phan can stay longer with their children instead of spending almost his time exploring the path with our travelers. It’s very difficult to be an enthusiastic tour guide, as well as play with the roll of a single dad. He was trying a lot to balance the time for his passion and his family, and now is the best time to get in touch more with his kids.

The positive energy makes Dan Phan keeps living healthy, and strong in-house. He does physical exercise indoor every day, and always keeps his spirit up by playing and laughing with his kids. He couldn’t stop updating about Coronavirus Worldwide and expect the outbreak would be finish soon, so he can continue welcoming travelers to come.

Although he miss his job, he knows to stay at home now is the best way to protect his beloved travelers and his self. As almost the bookings in April and May was postponed until the summer, he is enriching his knowledge about the destination, and doing deep research about Vietnam ethnics intercultural. During this time, the best thing Dan Phan can do is offering recommendations for other activities people should consider during their visit to Vietnam and Indochina. A rustic dinner or some other local event going on during the stay sounds like a great idea that Dan Phan would love to show people.

Our customers and our travelers always said that they don’t have time to plan their own vacation, now is the best time than ever to do it. Footprint Travel and Dan Phan are happy to help you with a hassle-free package in well-planning.

by Emily