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Working in travel sector, I’ve got to travel to many places within Vietnam and oversea for guiding as well as other positions, which I have to say that using our mobile phones for travel is a must now for everyone, as it’s so convenient to store travel docs, flight tickets, etc…

In recent years, more and more travelers using the online guides where they can search for travel tips, suggestions and forum information, etc… which, in the past, one could only do it via Lonely Planet, Footprint guide book…. As you might know that Triposo is one interesting online guidebook that is equipped with full information on different destinations in the world, including Vietnam.

Tripso - Vietnam Travel Guide

Tripso – Vietnam Travel Guide

Mobile phones now come with different useful apps which enables you to learn local languages, here is the link you can download Vietnamese learning apps on your android phone: Learn Vietnamese.

Once can also have the Google maps apps which is very useful for navigating around the city as well as doing an excursion away from the cities.

For that reasons, Footprint has developed a different website version which is for mobile phone usage, you can search for different travel tipsfrequently asked questions, Vietnam information, and more exactly from the desktop version without touching or moving back and forth. It’s extremely easy for navigation.

Not only our mobile version of website will make it easy for you to find information but also we make the viewing and booking tours and trips more convenient, just a few touches away, you are booked with us.

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Use your device & access footprintsvietnam.com – It will turn into mobile version automatically

Internet connection in Vietnam is also very easy too, most of the hotels, restaurants and even transportation now have WIFI free for you so you can take your phones, tablets with you to do the bookings or simply post your interesting pictures to your wall on facebook.

Other than WIFI, Footprint is proud to support our clients with a Vietnamese internet sim card where you can use to surf internet as well as making calls to home.

For the convenience of your travel, our customer services also have some useful links for you to take before you travel to Vietnam, please check it out and install those apps before you arrival.

I’m sure technology will become even smarter and will certainly make our travel even lots easier, and I bet it is hard for us now to travel without smart phones as it’s simply so useful and has become a life companion for so many.


Author: Footprint Team

Always full of travel spirit and laughter. Our expertises are shown not only through knowledge of the destination but also experience working in the tourism industry for over 15 years.

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