Ba Be - Where Tranquility, Nature and Culture Meet

Today, we take you off the beaten trail to Ba Be National Park – one of the most underrated destinations in Vietnam. If you are a nature lover who loves enjoying a more relaxing travel pace, this is for you.


Ba Be National Park is bio-reserve area containing the World’s only permanent freshwater Karst lake – Ba Be and rich variation of fauna and flora. Located at the heart of the national park, Ba Be Lake (or “three lake” in Tay language) is absolutely stunning and simply peaceful with mirror images of the towering limestone mountains and evergreen forest. You will find yourself surrounded by a tropical paradise.


Due to the effectiveness of government’s policies regarding reforestation and preservation, the eco system of the region has been restored with more than 550 plant species and hundreds of wildlife species including mammals, butterflies, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Ba Be birdlife is equally prolific, with 233 species recorded, including the spectacular crested serpent eagle and the oriental honey buzzard.


Not only is the ecosystem diverse, the cave system also never stops to amaze us, every time we come back to Ba Be. It can take a full day or two to explore all the beautiful hidden spots such as the caves with its magnificent stalactites and the legend that has been told from generations to generations

Local people here earn their living by growing rice and fishing. Hunting is forbidden, but villagers are permitted to fish. Hence, you can see them travel around on a “thuyen doc moc” – a dugout cano with baskets and nets – iconic image of Ba Be Lake. From the boat, you can see tiny their traditional stilt houses of Tay people and their toiled farmlands which will be visited later.


As the sun gradually begins to set, you will return to your homestay. The area is quite undeveloped so there are no resorts, other than homestay and basic guesthouse. A good chance to try homestay in Pac Ngoi. The village itself has an amazing view overlooking the lake, rice fields and mountains. The village is extremely peaceful and you hardly see any traffic as cars and trucks are not even permitted in the town. This is a perfect for city escape.

The region is home to Tay minority group. With their great hospitality, you will be warm welcomed and treated with scrumptious local specialties such as braised pork with tram fruit, bo khai vegetable and of course fish. Soon the host will pass you a glass full of home brewed corn wine and you know it would not be the first and last of the night. They love chatting with their guests and telling about the legend of Ba Be lake, their family stories. To get up close and personal with an authentic ethnic minority lifestyle is one of the most unique experiences for us. 

Consult with us now to plan your truly unique experience of beautiful Ba Be with Footprint, fall in love with its natural beauty and people here. Our dedication is to help you embark on the unspoilt beauty of Ba Be. From here, you can also extend your visit to Cao Bang – nearby destinations. 


Author: Hong Anh

Hong Anh is a true story-teller. For her, travelling is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Each of her stories is a unique travel experience that is told and illustrated by her own distinctive style.

Hong Anh