Glimpses of Giao Thuy – Wildlife and Countryside

Giao Thuy is a lovely place not so far away from modern Hanoi which has been overlooked by nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. However, it is becoming better known for its exotic landscapes, great biodiversity as well as authentic experiences with the locals.



Xuan Thuy National Park

Xuan Thuy National Park, located 160km away from Hanoi, is the best place to contemplate animals in their native habitat. Recognized as Vietnam’s first Ramsar site, the park is home to 215 species of birds living in its forests and mangrove swamps all year round, over 100 species of migratory birds, 500 kinds of sea creatures and a large number of plants including different rare kinds of species, hence, making it a perfect place for nature lovers to explore the exceptional biodiversity and pristine landscapes. There is no equipment other than our naked eyes can capture the truly amazing landscape in the park. However, you can’t go to Xuan Thuy and don’t bring any camera. As you sail from Xuan Thuy National Park to Ba Lat estuary where the Red River mingles with the sea, you feast your eyes with the great diversity of creatures as well as the exotic landscape of the national park.

When to visit: September to April is the perfect time for wildlife-spotters to see animals in its natural habitat in Xuan Thuy with massive migrating flocks.

Key wildlife: The park is an important stop for migratory birds which include a large number of rare species such as Platalea minor.



Experience a night at a homestay

Homestay in Giao Xuan is authentic. The house is still remain the archaic beauty with furniture made out of bamboo and wood. Having dinner with the host is a great way to connect with local people when they share their life stories or show the hospitality by filling your empty cup or foods in your bowl.

Our product assistant,on his recent inspection trip back, has shared his thought regarding the homestay experiences in Giao Xuan. For him, Giao Xuan is a poetic place to enjoy the slow pace of life as he savour a cup of Vietnamese tea in the peaceful surroundings of the countryside and listen to the traditional folk song performed by the locals such as Quan Ho, Chau Van which were recognized by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The rhythm of these songs will melt your heart and help you understand about the ancient art of Vietnam.


Immerse in culture

Experience the rural life in Giao Xuan with various types of activities and give locals a helping hands in making salt, learning different methods of aquaculture. Learn the specialties of the coastal area as you visit the morning seafood market where fishermen sell their fresh seafood after a night going fishing and give yourself a well treat with delicious foods.


If you’re one searching for a unique and laid-back holiday destination, search no more, as you book this tour! Have a memorable experience in Vietnam! It will guarantee to fueln your thirst to know more.



Author: Hong Anh

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