Footprint Travel's 2023 Revival: Expanding the RefillMyBottle Project Worldwide

RefillMyBottle is a global initiative that aims to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste and promote access to free drinking water by creating a network of refill stations around the world. The project was launched in 2015 in Indonesia and has since expanded to other countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and beyond.

The RefillMyBottle project uses a mobile app that acts as a global map of refill stations, helping users easily locate nearby stations where they can refill their water bottles. The app also provides information about the number of single-use plastic bottles saved by the community through refills, making it an excellent tool to track environmental impact and raise awareness about plastic waste reduction.

This community-driven initiative encourages individuals to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing their plastic footprint while also supporting businesses committed to environmental conservation. As the project continues to grow, it contributes to a broader global movement towards reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices, one refill at a time.

In 2023, Footprint Travel was a vital Ambassador for RefillMyBottle, actively contributing financial support and human resources to expand the initiative. Through efforts like rechecking and expanding refill stations, and conducting marketing campaigns through various channels, including social media, traditional advertising, and community engagement, we communicate the benefits of utilizing refill stations. This outreach aims not only to raise awareness about the environmental consequences of single-use plastics but also to encourage widespread participation in the initiative. The project's global map of refill stations is continuously updated and expanded, making it easier for travelers and locals alike to locate nearby stations offering free drinking water. We are actively engaging with businesses, communities, and organizations to join the movement, encouraging them to become part of the growing network of refill stations. 

As the RefillMyBottle project gains momentum in 2023, Footprint Travel envisions a future where refill stations become a norm, and plastic bottle waste is significantly reduced. By empowering individuals to take small but meaningful actions, the project is contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the planet.

👉 Sign up now to become a refilling station here: https://form.jotform.me/RefillMyBottle/Get_on_the_map

👉 Fill up the water tank at all #refillstations shown on the map of Refill My Bottle 
Refill My Bottle is available on your phone, download it here to look up water stations near you: 
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Together, Footprint Travel and the RefillMyBottle community are on a mission to create a cleaner, greener, and healthier future for everyone.


Author: Footprint Team

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