Travel responsibly, the small thing makes a big difference.

Responsible travel responsible travel has evolved out of concern about the negative impacts of mass tourism, which aims to protect the environment and to respect people, their communities, and their cultures.

112406_1358209583 Travel responsibly, the small thing makes a big difference.





As you know that we are rooted in responsible travel from our first establishment, our mission is to bring true value to all involved in our tourism activities to make sure that everyone has benefit, such as our clients we serve, our partners we work with and our communities we travel to and the staff are now working with us.

On the practical fields of our operations, Footprint tour products are carefully planned to make sure it not only meets our market demands but also carry out our mission of responsibly into action, from planning to use the locals and their communities into our trip, to using locally owned hotels or partnershipping with eco-friendly local suppliers, etc… those are very meticulously planned on a trip to maximize the fun of our visitors as well as maximizing our benefits to the local communities, their culture and environment.

SON_9738 Travel responsibly, the small thing makes a big difference.

And Footprint is not only playing alone to show off that what we are doing in term of responsible travel, we have worked with many more companies in Vietnam to make this mission much easier to achieve, this is what we have been doing with the responsible travel club (RTC) where many of our members are actively performing together for a sustainable growth.

IMG_3415 Travel responsibly, the small thing makes a big difference.


As a visitor with Footprint, you can do a lots to support us, from very easy way is just to travel with us meaning to support us already, you will see that our staff, tour guides, drivers, partners, etc…are performing responsible activities. And if you want to give a hand to further support our activities, you are more than welcome to go along with us on our mission, there are so much more to do. Well let’s start with traveling with us and enjoy your holiday is the simplest help you can do for us.


Author: Footprint Team

Always full of travel spirit and laughter. Our expertises are shown not only through knowledge of the destination but also experience working in the tourism industry for over 15 years.

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