Footprint Travel's Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. At Footprint Travel, we understand the importance of sustainable practices within the travel industry. That's why, on October 18th, we took a significant step toward embracing sustainability. All the members of our team joined an internal training session on Sustainable Tourism. The goal was clear: to equip ourselves with the knowledge to put sustainability into practice.

The Sustainable Tourism Training by Footprint Team

The day started with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to learn. Sustainable Tourism is more than just a concept; it's a philosophy that can transform the way we operate and impact the world around us.

Recognizing the importance of sustainability in every facet of our operations, we decided to divide our team into 3 distinct groups: Sales, Operation, and General (including Marketing, Product, and Human Resources). Each team was tasked with exploring how sustainability could be integrated into their specific roles and functions.

During the training, we explored 3 crucial pillars of Sustainability: environmental, social, and economic.

The environmental pillar emphasizes the responsible stewardship of our planet, promoting practices that conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and protect ecosystems.

The social pillar underscores the importance of fostering equitable and inclusive societies, ensuring access to education, healthcare, and basic human rights for all. 

Lastly, the economic pillar calls for financial systems that balance profitability with long-term stability, supporting businesses that prioritize sustainable production and distribution methods. These three pillars are interdependent, and a harmonious integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations is essential for a resilient and sustainable future.

The ultimate goal of sustainable tourism is to create positive and enriching experiences for our travelers. We want to leave them with lasting memories and a profound connection to the destinations they visit.

Upcoming Online Courses by Travelife

But we didn't stop there. We believe in continuous growth and learning. To further solidify our commitment to Sustainable Tourism, we've decided to enroll in two online courses of Travelife:

1. Tour Operators and Sustainability: offers a set of training modules that will improve your knowledge of the positive and negative impacts of tourism. Moreover, it will reveal how you can make your company more environmentally and socially responsible.

2. Sustainability Management:  ensures that all objectives are addressed efficiently and comprehensively, the company can implement a Sustainability Management System (SMS) that covers all areas of responsibility.

Personal Diplomas

Upon successful completion of these courses, each team member will be awarded a personal diploma. These diplomas symbolize not just our effort, but our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel practices. They will serve as a constant reminder of our shared responsibility to protect the environments and cultures we engage with.

Our journey toward embracing Sustainable Tourism has just begun, and we're excited about the path ahead. We are grateful to our team for their active participation in the training and their dedication to integrating sustainable practices into our travel services.

As we embark on this learning journey, we do so with enthusiasm and determination. Our mission is to make a real difference in the world of travel and create a positive impact on the destinations we explore and the experiences we offer to our travelers.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey toward sustainability, and join us in making Footprint Travel a beacon of responsible and sustainable travel. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for travel.


Author: Footprint Team

Always full of travel spirit and laughter. Our expertises are shown not only through knowledge of the destination but also experience working in the tourism industry for over 15 years.

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