Travelling Responsibly In Southeast Asia

As travelers, we have to be responsible for being aware about how our behavior influence the communities and destinations we visit. You will get a rewarding feeling when you know that your spent money is supporting companies and individuals. Responsible travel does not necessarily have to be expensive, it is actually affordable. Below you can find some of the recommended eco-friendly visits.

Cuc Phuong National Park – Vietnam

Wildlife and Nature

Cuc Phuong National Park is Vietnam’s largest nature reserve. Furthermore, it was one of the first national park of the country. The park’s landscape consist of a magnificently rich ecosystem. It offers exceptional hiking opportunities around the park and you could spend a lot of time trekking through the forest to witness some spectacular natural habitats.

Cuc Phuong National Park

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In addition to this, within the park the Endangered Primate Rescue Center was established. Home of about 160 individuals of 15 endangered species. Worldwide, the Center is the only foundation that implements captive rescue. The Center leads important activities too, such as a program to release captive animals back into the wild. If you’re nature enthusiasts like me, this hiking trail is a perfect while still participating in an ethical manner.


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The routes will lead you to several caves, ancient trees and Muong villages. You can spend the night in a traditional home of the Muong ethnic minority where you will have the chance to converse with them. Besides, when you go for a homestay it allows the host family to earn an income.

The Hidden Gems of Northern Laos – Laos

Culture and Religion

A mix of culture and nature describes Northern Laos the best. Luang Prabang which is the capital in Northern Laos, is considered as one of the most captivating places in Southeast Asia. The old town is surrounded by green mountains and has outstanding natural beauty. The city is also ideal for experiencing the movements of a traditional Buddhist culture as Laos is heavily influenced by its religion, cultural beliefs and traditions. But do not worry, you will be well informed by our guides on how to participate responsibly and respectfully while travelling.

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monk in laos

The trip will take you to Huay Thuom, Yha Nang villages and many other villages with fascinating cultures, to stop by the Khmu ethnic minority. At these places you can have a local dinner and stay overnight in their traditional house. The Khmu have their own beliefs, identity and language which make them different from others and they may be considered as mysterious. As a visitor you have the ability to lead them into an adaptable and sustainable development system. This is a way of protecting their ethnic group and preserve their culture.

Soft Eco-Adventures – Vietnam

Homestay and Remote Villages

The ideal trip for travelers, who are active adventure-lovers and wants to experience some Vietnamese culture along the way. This eco-friendly adventure makes you explore Vietnam’s colorful culture, history and nature. All the activities on this trip are suitable for first-timers.

There is nothing enlightened more than immerse yourself in the local culture while giving back to the community. From Lien Mac organic Farm; Ta Phin Village – home of the Hmong;  A Luoi Village where the Katu and Ta Oi hill tribes resides to host family in Mekong regions, you will all be welcomed with plenty of chance to learn about different cultures and build relationship.


Ta Oi


Besides, all of these villages are able to earn a sustainable amount of income as they are equipped with knowledge and experience to do homestay, tour guiding, English skills, you name it.


Black Hmong family

This list is still not the end of the environmentally and socially responsible practices that you can have when travelling to Southeast Asia. We highly recommend you to travel with businesses, companies and organizations who do responsible tourism.


Author: Thuy

Born and raised in Vietnam, she loves taking a culinary adventure in Hanoi, the chaos in the Old Quarter. She currently lives in Netherland, but never misses a chance to go back to Vietnam. She is never quite ready to head back to the city when it is time to go.