Refill My Bottle - Refill The Future

The tourism industry contributes a significant part to the global economy, and similar to many other industries, tourism activities would cause certain impacts on the environment. Million of travellers consume a lot of plastic bottles on their trips every day and unfortunately, not all of these plastic bottles are reused or recycled. The journey of a plastic bottle might end up on the street, in a forest or the ocean, which threatens the nature, wildlife and the entire ecosystem. It's about time for us to take actions, together, we can make a positive change! 

After the great success of "Refill Bali" project in Indonesia, we believe this model could also be applied and be a success in Vietnam. Footprint is proud to be a partner of "Refill My Bottle" campaign in Vietnam. The project aims to reduce usage of plastic bottles by setting up water filling stations, where travellers are able to track these stations via an online app for refilling. Our objects are to:

- Communicate with our travellers to refill their bottles instead of buying a new one. 
- Communicate with our suppliers to have their offer of drinking water tank as the filling stations for our travellers to refill their bottles. You can sign up to be one of the filling stations in Hanoi, too.

We are happy to announce that Refill My Bottle project will let us use their mobile App for our clients and for the filling stations to register, the App is being updated and will be available soon for both Android and IOS users. 

Footprint is glad to work with Exo Travel, Khiri Travel, Impact Vietnam and RTC Vietnam to push this initiative forward and together with you, we can reduce plastic uses on all of our trips in Vietnam.

Are you willing to support us on the road towards a sustainable change?
Stay tuned for our next update!  More information can be found HERE.

Author: Andy

Having been to over 20 countries, travelling is no longer a hobby but a passion for Andy, in which each journey is a process of self-exploration and integration of a human being into nature, culture and history.