Pu Luong Retreat Eco Concept - Toward A Sustainable Development

Pu Luong Retreat is an eco-friendly architect which blends itself with the breath-taking scenery and picturesque nature of Pu Luong, just 4 hours away from Hanoi. The Eco concept of Pu Luong Retreat follows the principles of eco-sustainability and conservation of the environment, as well as the involvement of the local community within its activities.

At Pu Luong Retreat, the establishment of the Eco concept follows these criteria: 

- It is situated in a natural area of Pu Luong and is not impacted by noise, traffic, smog or pollution
- It operates at a small-scale, with 9 bungalows and a stilt house that was designed similar to local's house, with the maximum capacity of 16 people 
- It employs energy saving tactics and design 
- It provides documents, orientation talks or other ways to inform guests about the biology of the area
- It helps inform guests, staff and visitors on the importance and value of a healthy ecosystem and describes the best way to enjoy the area without impacting it
- It provides training and employs local people at fair wages, as well as encourages using and purchasing local products, ingredients and services
- It contributes to the local community and helps demonstrate that ecotourism is a more sustainable long-term way to earn income than destroying or altering habitats for short-term gains

These mentioned criteria, which developed in a context of monitoring and conservation, also stimulate positive effect on tourists, who rise greater environmental awareness and feel more involved in a global change of attitude towards the environment.


Author: Footprint Team

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