Sustainability Report 2020

  1. Achievement & Success


  1. Internal Management: Social Policy and Human Rights

Health and Safety

During Covid-19, we have continued to raise awareness about Covid-19 prevention, followed by the recommendations of the ministry of Health and Local Authority. We've produced safety protocols and ensure employees' health and safety. Some of the benefits that we have provided for our staff including:

-Work share for sales, accounting department.

-Provide allowance for employees who had to take unpaid leave.

-"Step Count" Campaign to encourage employees to exercise.

-Remote work while still remaining connected daily via online meetings.

Training and Education

Sales, product and operation departments have participated in training on related fields in order to improve the skills, knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to improve efficiency and productivity. In addition to the training, employees have been encouraged to learn new skills and share with the team via regular meeting and brainstorming.

Additionally, we have studied about new sales/operation system to enable more effective information flow between departments. The system will then be carefully invested and implemented post covid-19.




Annual performance review resulted to promotion of 2 employees to management level.


  1. Internal Management: Environment and Community Relations

Energy Management

In the new office, we have continued to monitor energy consumption to identify the potential energy reduction and cost savings. It was found that after lockdown, part of energy is wasted which is around 130kWh. Therefore, we have taken appropriate action to reduce the use.

Compared to last year, the new sustainable office has contributed to 50% reduction in total electricity consumption per year.

Environmental Initiatives: Refill Station

After 1 year of expanding the network of refill stations in Vietnam, we have planned to provide refill gallon for our conscious travelers on vehicles and accommodation during trips to encourage refill habit. Initially, we have tested the initiative in our own trips.


  1. Destination

Developing Responsible Products

Some new sustainable destinations that have been added in our products in the past 2 years are: Cat Tien National Park, Da Bac CBT, Bho Hoong village, Hang Nuoc Nut va Hang Va. These destinations have been chosen due to the remoteness and authenticity and outdoor experience. Destinations like these will bounce back after Covid 19 to bring a deeper connection to nature and local culture.

Customer Communication and Protection

We have launched our safety checklist for customer and make sure our suppliers complied with the checklist to ensure customers’ health and safety during travel.


  1. Achievement & Success
  • Temporally stop the testing of refill initiative as the Covid-19 pandemic situation has made it difficult for our travelers to make a conscious choice.

Solution: temporally stop the testing of refill initiative while still raising awareness about plastic alternatives for example personal cloth mask instead of single used one, or hand sanity instead of wet tissue.


  • Covid-19 interruption

Solution: allocate resource for research and development in terms of environmental sustainability and resilience, where green initiatives are integrated within the economic aspect to create a win-win situation for both economic revival and sustainable development of the business.